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Re: Science, Physics, Math, & Myth

Post by Hummina Shadeeba » Jan 06 2016 3:14pm

"An amp is an amp. It will generate the same torque in the motor. However since power (Watts) is the multiplication of amps by volts you will generate more power from the same amps at higher voltage"

Will adding more voltage equate to more power IF the rpm is limited? So say you're riding a bike and trying to decrease your 0 to 10 mph time will adding voltage necessarily help if you already have enough voltage to feed the motor enough amps to burn to saturate it with flux?
Which leads to another question.. Is it possible to run very low voltage and still feed a motor enough amps to get as much inductance out of the stator as possible? It seems if you can get enough voltage to do that the 0 to 10 mph acceleration is at the max possible regardless of adding more voltage.

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Re: Science, Physics, Math, & Myth

Post by ferret » Jan 07 2016 4:23am

If you're already saturated then increasing voltage will not help.

Assuming that the controller and the battery can support enough current (Amps), you can get "maximal" 0 to 10 mph acceleration regardless of voltage.

Simplifying things, you can say that the controller takes input power (battery volts x battery amps) and converts it to an equal amount of output power (motor phase volts which are proportional to motor RPM x phase Amps), As long as the battery, controller and motor maximum capabilities are not exceeded. During acceleration usually the motor phase amps are higher than the battery amps.

If you provide your current setup, I'm sure people here could advise on what to do to improve your 0 to 10 mph acceleration if that is the purpose of these questions.

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