Which controller for a cro v3

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Which controller for a cro v3

Post by Jonboy » Jan 03 2015 1:51pm

Hi Guys, just wondering what people would suggest for a controller when running 100v with a cromotor v3 I'd like to get the best out of it off road with my raptor, was thinking of the Adappto max-e, but I think 70 amps at 100v is end of sports... The 24 fet 84 -132v Lyen is next up..

what you guys using?



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Re: Which controller for a cro v3

Post by botz244 » Jan 03 2015 10:53pm

24 fet zombiess controller on a 30 inch tire fatbike 98 lbs plus me at 280. no problems

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Re: Which controller for a cro v3

Post by 9lives » Jan 03 2015 11:54pm

I don't run a cro personally but if you can Iive with a max of 98 volts and can afford it the max e would be my recommendation. Battery management and charging is sorted and compared to my lyen 18 I have found engine temps to be way down despite pushing harder. The max is not cheap but is easy to live with and you can push 140 amp or 350 phase amps through it which should be exciting enough for anyone. Hard part is getting your hands on a max but adaptto appears to be making inroads in this area. Having said that a lyen 24 would be 8/10th the performance for say 1/2 the price allowing for bms etc so depends if you are happy to tinker or want cutting edge plug and play.

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Re: Which controller for a cro v3

Post by zombiess » Jan 04 2015 9:19am

I suggest Sabvoton as the most cost effective and what I will be selling in kits with the Cromotor. It matches up with the motor well at 12kW burst, 6kW continuous, field weakening, variable regen.
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Re: Which controller for a cro v3

Post by cwah » Jan 04 2015 9:28am

Help me find my stolen electric brompton: http://bit.ly/1a0vbBC and Bosch Sinus B3 http://bit.ly/1eV0WQz

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