Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU

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Re: Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU

Post by honya96 » Jul 02 2018 6:41pm

notger wrote:
May 29 2018 3:55am
I wanna bring this up once again:

Any ideas or experience making a resistor-pot mod for changing the output Current ??
like the output voltage mod, just for current.

The reason for it would be to make a slow and fast charging switch to the Eaton

Someone experienced has to find where it measures current and how to trick it.. I have not found it. Or maybe a logic switch to MC and change firmware.

Please how you was able to get 90v out of it?
Higher resistence of pot means higher voltage.. but my APR doesnt go over exactly 70v even open circuit (cut line, no pot)

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Re: Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU

Post by agniusm » Jul 16 2018 10:52am

notger wrote:
Jun 27 2018 12:20pm
agniusm wrote:
Jun 27 2018 10:49am
only allows to crank up to 67v.
How low could you set the output voltage minimum ? (with both mods pot and programmer ?)

OK. Done firmware patch. Now my upper voltage is capping at 75V and the lowest i can go is 43.4V

Some 9V out, bummer

Can you check your resistor value?

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Re: Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU

Post by Offroader » Aug 11 2018 10:49pm

Could someone tell me the resistance range of the POT to use to adjust the voltage from 43 volts to 57 volts?

If you have 4 of these in series for 200 volts and want to adjust the amps. Would you need to adjust all 4 PSU, or can you just adjust 1 PSU?


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