installing HS 2540 correctly

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installing HS 2540 correctly

Post by mwhens » Oct 10 2015 5:55am


I' am currently installing the HS 2540 front hub.
There is no documentation anywhere about certain intalling information.
There are two question that I have that holding up finishing the installation...

1) rotation direction, My defective 400 series hub has the cable on the left side when sitting on the bike. I gues the cable of the HS 2540 should also be on the left side for correct orientation?

2) On the HS 2540 axle on eash side there is one ring, and one bolt. I don't know if the rings need to be on the inside of the front fork (between the hub and front fork) or on the outside (between fork and bolt).
The with of the hubs looks perfect without any rings on the inside.
I can easily fit one ring on the inside, but for two on the inside I need to push the forks a bit wider to fit.
If they need on the outside, and no ring on the inside, on the inside it is pushing on the cable side against a black plastic cilinder with a 16.5mm inner metal axle, and on the other side against only a 16.5mm wide axle.
I' am afraid the 16.5mm isn't enough of a surface, it's only a 2mm surface (4mm wider than the axle threat) on the inside of the fork.
And my fork is aluminium, and not sure if those 2mm are going to be enough, My feeling is to put the ring on the inside to create a much bigger surface.
On the outside, I do not really need any rings, I already have a washer and torquearm.
So should I try to use the rings on the inside, or not?

Crystalyte hub... ... ctid=16446

Any advice is really appreciated, I want to finish installing my new hub today if posible.

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Re: installing HS 2540 correctly

Post by Nobuo » Feb 20 2016 3:45am

1) usually yes, however with direct drive hubs, you can work on both directions with the same performance.

2) if putting both spacers "inside" makes the axle to be inserted with some pressure, this is just perfect. spacers could be put in both position, inside or outside the arms, however you need to use always them, to avoid the nuts to screw up while riding. You could use thinner spacers if needed, or various of them
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Re: installing HS 2540 correctly

Post by dogman dan » Feb 22 2016 7:19am

Unless the pressure locks up a shock fork. If a regular steel fork, then yes, washers inside if it's easy. if it fits, it does help to support the axle. It can definitely dig into a dropout if the drop is a bit wide.

Then most likely, you need two c shaped washers to fill the quick release cup, then a torque arm on one side, a regular washer on the other, then the nut.

which side wire? I'm not sure. But if the motor has a mount for a disc, that goes to the left side. 6 small bolts, or bolt holes right by the axle is a disc mount.

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