Digital Heinzmann sequence flashing LEDs

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Digital Heinzmann sequence flashing LEDs

Post by Quadraabs » Oct 29 2015 3:50am

Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone had seen the following on a digital Heinzmann 36v controller?

By swapping the controller into a working identical system I have narrowed the problem down to the controller.

There is no output to the motor and there is an exact pattern, the same on both tested throttles.

The flashing pattern is the six LEDs come on, then the centre 2 go off first followed by 5 and 2 to give a double 3,2,1 repeat pattern.

There is no fuses I can see in the box a tiny bit of corrosion in the corner by the capacitors and nothing blown on the board.

Any help appreciated

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Re: Digital Heinzmann sequence flashing LEDs

Post by Nobuo » Feb 20 2016 2:48am

a video of the blinking leds would be enormously appreciated
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