Bafang Ebrake Sensor

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Bafang Ebrake Sensor

Post by BonesNis » Mar 15 2017 9:57am

Good day

Has anyone converted the Bafang E-brake sensor to be used with a Cycle Analyst V3? It appears as though the Bafang sensor is three wire and the V3 requires two wire. Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Bafang Ebrake Sensor

Post by Ykick » Mar 15 2017 11:16am

My experience is the Bafang switches use a Hall sensor and pull up HIGH. A little under supply voltage. The CAV3 might be able to handle that signal with some minor setting changes but you would still need to send 5V supply to power them.

Myself, when I need the older switch to ground scheme to current levers I just buy magnetic reed switches, fabricate some wiring and glue a magnet to the lever.
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