Brake Hose - fittings / sizes

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Brake Hose - fittings / sizes

Post by 2WheelsMovesTheSoul » Jan 11 2018 4:28pm

Been busy part searching this morning for brake hose and banjo fittings for a custom application and keep hitting some roadblocks and roundabouts.

Long story short:
I have mirrored left and right hydraulic clutch and brake master cylinders off a motorcycle and I want to run 3 Shimano Zee M-640 4-piston brake calipers. 2 up front and 1 rear on my Qs-205 Electric Enduro. I have a dual rotor front hub and the forks have post mounts on both sides.

The problem: MC master cylinder uses M10 banjo and the threads are M10x1.25. Shimano BH90 hose has standard (M8 I guess?) banjo on the caliper side & a cut hose w/ some olive inserts (no banjo a M8 nut I guess?) on the lever side.

Desired solution: x2) M10 banjo fitting for 5mm/OD - 2mm/ID brake hose

Will settle for: Adapter with male M10x1.25 on one side and 2 female M8's on the other.

If needs be I have access to a mill and set of tap and dies If I absolutely need fabricate the adapter from scratch. Just hoping one of you guru's can drop some knowledge.

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