KT LCD 6 and KT V 12 L Pas sensor

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KT LCD 6 and KT V 12 L Pas sensor

Post by MyUsername » Jan 21 2018 10:26am

Hello All on this forum and community.
I have bought a controloer unbranded however with a number stamped on it saying mxus 13-04-18-kt (not sure if it tells something) and a number on the label KT36ZWS-XFC01D. I have connected the Kt lcd 6 to it and it works fine at least I think so. I have also connected the PAS sensor KT-V12L. And sensor is not working. When I connected 10 magnet PAS it works. What might be the issue here? Old controller, wires order on the sensor, broken sensor? I have set the P and C parameters according to available lcd 3 manuals. Also lcd 6 allows to see the candence but for me it is not even displayed on the screen.
For wrong cables sequence how to check this with not breaking the controller? I appreciate your help.

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