Trouble with throttle - Kelly controller

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Trouble with throttle - Kelly controller

Post by 151 » Jan 28 2018 3:40pm

Hi, I am trying to set up my throttle and my ignorance is a huge roadbock...

At zero throttle my meter reads 4.8-4.7 volts. As I apply (twist) the throttle voltage begins to go down. I get power to the motor at 4.6v

The motor rpm increases and voltage lowers, but at 3.0v rpm ceases to increase. The issue is that I am only at half throttle when I reach 3.0v. If I continue to twist the throttle voltage progressively drops all the way to 0.2v But I get no RPM increase from 3v down to .2v

The kelly software is set to a 3wire pot throttle with start position at 5% and end at 100%. A lower start percentage and the motor turns at zero throttle. A lower end percentage and I lose even more throttle movement before reaching max RPM.

Have I done something wrong? How can I get full twist throttle range of motion, so that the motor reaches max rpm at or near full throttle twist?

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