Kelly Controller Self–identify crisis solved

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Kelly Controller Self–identify crisis solved

Post by klasdja » Feb 16 2018 2:47am

Hey all.
I've been trying to set up my Kelly controller for a week now, and was really struggling to get past the angle self-identify portion of the programming. I searched and searched the site, and finally found a post by ArnoldRimmer where he was having the same problem.
He mentioned in the last post that there was some strange feedback coming from the hall sensors that was preventing the controller from finishing this step, and said that it could be fixed by using diodes on the hall connectors. In desperation tried it...and it bloody worked!
I just wanted to mention it in case anyone else has had this issue.
I'm mating a Kelly KLS6018s to a 3kw NC3000 hub motor. It absolutely will not self identify without these diodes on the green, yellow and blue wires with the cathode towards the motor side of the wiring.
I hope this helps others.
Thanks Arnold!

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