Kelly Controllers Configuration Program - a Definitive Translation

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Re: Kelly Controllers Configuration Program - a Definitive Translation

Post by RegT » Nov 01 2019 12:38am

I also got this reply on some setting for hall sensor throttles that show on page 1

As you may know,the output of hall throttle from Kelly is about from 0.86V to 4.2V.
Our controller will report 3.3 error code if the output of hall throttle is below 0.5V or above 4.5V by default.
The controller will think the hall throttle is shorted or damaged if the output is beyond the range from 0.5V to 4.5V.
You can adjust the threshold voltage below or above 0.5V.The controller will report the 3.3 code
to protect the system according to different types of hall throttle.
Because there are many different hall throttle suppliers in the world.The initial output can not be
always in the range of 0.5V to 4.5V.
But it doesn't make any differences if you choose 0-5V or 3-wire pot for the throttle type.That is
to say,these two settings are only useful for hall active throttle or pedal when you chose throttle type at 2.
As the same goes,it is valid to adjust the high threshold voltage above 4.5V or below 4.5V.
Usually the hall output voltage is 4.2V Max.If you adjust it to lower value which is near 4.2V,it may trigger the error code in normal way
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