Failed LED display / Building a custom display

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Failed LED display / Building a custom display

Post by GeorgeB » Feb 17 2018 12:47pm

I've been using a UK road legal e-bike conversion kit from Panda EBikes on my daily commute for about the last 9 months, however now I cannot get the display (LED type with the model number 880) to power on at all. While I hold the power button, all of the LEDs come on, which is part of the normal start-up, but when I release the button all the LEDs go off rather then settling into the usual running display.

The controller has the model code KT36ZWSR-FZ14 but having opened it up and looked at the opensourceebikefirmware website it seems to be identical with the S06S controller they document. If I short pins one and two on the display connector together and spin the pedals the motor will run which I assume means that the controller is OK but the display is not working for some reason.

I've emailed Panda and am waiting to head back from them, but in the meanwhile I don't want to just run with the short in place as it seems to be running the motor at max power and I suspect (but haven't measured) that it bypasses the speed restrictions

Looking at this thread I've been trying to get some response from the controller which would allow me to rig up a temporary "display" which would let me get back on the road, however I can't seem to get the controller to wake up and start sending status messages. I've tried assembling an LCD=>Controller packet and sending that but all I see is that echoed back to me!

Does anyone on here have any knowledge about what the display sends to wake the controller?

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