Sinewave vs greentime problems

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Sinewave vs greentime problems

Post by ebike11 » Feb 18 2018 1:50am

Hi guys
I have a sinewave and a regular greentime controller that i am testing on my MXUS 3t turbo rear motor 26".
Both controllers are 72v at around 1500 to 2000w rated and 50A each.
Im running 72v at the moment 18s pack
The sinewave is super quiet compared to the greentime. I want to use the sinewave controller but it sputters off and on at random times unexpectedly. The greentime does not sputter at all. I double checked all the connections and the sputtering still exists from time to time. The motor will run excellent at times then start acting up.
Its very stange. I do have a cycle analyst hooked up to it. Not sure if any settings would create this problem.
Any ideas? Thx in advance!

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