lcd/contoller troubleshooting

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lcd/contoller troubleshooting

Post by canyondancers1 » Mar 04 2018 5:23pm

i was plugging battery back to motor after charging noticed a larger sound then usual. i have a 48 volt 1500 watt hub motor. when i turned lcd on i noticed that i could not change the ...(not sure of the correct wording) but it is the button that controls the amount of power that is available to motor power (wattage / voltage). I cant get into settings. I also cant increase the power above 1 limiting the bikes power. Is it the lcd or the controller? kinda stuck on trying to figure out. When inspecting i noticed that i had forgotten to add a fuse. I realize that this was a bad mistake. The bike is still rideable takes a bit longer to get to higher speeds. I have since added the correct fuse, alittle to late but it is a lesson not to be forgotten. I do have a 48 volt 1000 watt controller and lcd, can that be used until i can replace with an upgraded one?

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Re: lcd/contoller troubleshooting

Post by eCue » Mar 15 2018 2:45am

You may of already done this but try doing a controller reset, mine is done via the display.
With luck the controller did not lose a cap or two. Fuses are good for shorts power surges and run away overheating motor scenarios. The little noise you heard was probably something in the controller imo or it needs a reset.
50/50 that or a wiring issue / bad connection :) is my best guess.
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