ZC Riding hub with integrated controller

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ZC Riding hub with integrated controller

Post by FlightService » Mar 12 2018 1:01pm

My Google-foo is weak on this one. I only found one reference to ZCRIDING on E.S. so I am making a post.

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/produc ... 2ffcyexC5Y

Found this on a link of a link looking for a commuter hub for my build. Anyone know anything?

General specs

48V at 26A with a built in controller in the hub. That makes it a ~1250W unit. Twist throttle and they seem to be responding to feedback.

Any thoughts?
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Re: ZC Riding hub with integrated controller

Post by amberwolf » Mar 13 2018 1:14am

Sounds basically like the various Magic Pie motors by Goldenmotor. You could look those up to see if they're the same (it's probably a clone). I doubt they make this one themselves; they probably get it from some motor manufacturer, possibly with custom side covers (with their logo).

If it matters, the one you link to has different diameter spoke flanges one side to the other.

The pics of the accessories look like the SW900 LCD, so the controller probably matches that brand, in which case there's likely a lot of info about the basics of it here on ES under the SW900 name. Programmable parameters may be different, but it'd give you some idea of what might be possible.

Side note:

Like other internal-controller motors, it has the disadvantage that both controller heat and motor heat are contained in the same space. THis means that if there's a lot of waste heat from either one, it'll affect the other. It also means that the controller is affected more by this, as it usually doesn't generate or experience the same kind of heat the motor would, so it's capacitors and such are likely to have a shorter lifespan than they would if in a separate case. As long as the heat generated doesn't exceed what teh case can shed simultaneously with generation, it doesn't really matter. It's only when heat spikes and then soaks thru everything that it could be an issue. Like with long hills and regen, or repeated hard acceleration, etc.

There's actually a fair bunch of motors with internal controllers, and few have serious problems with this; it's just when they are run beyond the ability to get rid of the heat. (I have a Stromer wheel here that's built with internal controller; dunno what was wrong with it that caused it to be replaced, but it shows no sign of overheating visibly in it. If I knew what signals were needed to run it I'd test it; haven't gotten any response from other Stromer hackers here about that).

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