Advice on dual speed ebike

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Advice on dual speed ebike

Post by Andreas_t » Mar 18 2018 9:28am


I have 250 W e-bike today wich I use as a Daily commuter. The bike is this one: ... 000040068/

With help from d8veh on this forum last year I managed to remove the speedlimiter and the bike is much smoother than it was when new. The speed is now more like 27 km/h than 23 km/h and does not cut everytime it reaches 23 km/h. A nice upgrade!

However the perfect bike for me would be one that could reach a speed of like 32-35 km/h but quickly could be made "road legal" with like 250 W and 25km/h max speed by just pressing a button or so. I have figured out that there might three ways of acieving this. It is importante that it is easy to make it "road legal" and a bit harder to do the reversed operation.

1. Buy a bike with this feature. I have only found one that matches wich is this one. ... 2018_-_Dam
This bike has the features but I dont really lika the looks of the bike. Do you guys know any other alternatives. Budget is around €2000.

2. Buy stuff and an ordinary bicycle convert it. Is this a good idea and what gear should I use?

3. Modify the ebike I have today? Would this be a good Idea? Today it has a 250? w rear hub enginge and a 36V 8,7Ah battery. Whay gear would I have to replace and what gear would I change it for?

I really appreciate help on this one!

Regards Andreas

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Re: Advice on dual speed ebike

Post by eCue » Mar 28 2018 12:13pm

A 12AH or larger capacity 48v battery pack will increase the speed to over 35 kph under 40k. Many ebikes will run on 36 to 48v , I will leave it to you to find out if your ebikes controller will run on 48v. I suspect it will but it does look difficult to access the wires..

If it does you can add a frame battery say a 48v 12AH or 17AH pack or what ever for more range , mounted on the downtube controlled via a switch to change from 36v battery to the high speed 48v pack. 35k looks very close to 32k so I would not / do not worry about it myself.

I'm running a 36v 350w hub motor on 48 volts and peak at about 39 kph on the flats and 36 - 37k on light grades or against a breeze on the flats
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