Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

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Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

Post by YUYU11 » Apr 15 2018 5:42pm

Hello, I have a kit kit (wheel 26, which has an engine on it, and a battery with high power = heavy compared to the standard batteries.) It's mainly for urban riding, but a little bit for space. Strength, ease, and durability)
And ask more specifically:
1. Which chassis, aluminum or steel?
2. Full down or hard tail?
3. Do they need to be of brands, or any appropriate bicycles?
Thank you very very much!!

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Re: Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

Post by motomech » Apr 16 2018 6:02am

You ride in space?
It's a very general question, so I will give you general answers.
Don't buy the cheapest and for "urban" riding, you don't need the latest "trick" bike.
The fact you have a 26" wheel, means you can look for a used mountain bike say, 4 to 8 years old. A decent mountain bike that is now out dated, is still great for the street. I like full suspension, something w/ 4 or 5 inches of travel and it should have disc brakes.
I assume your "high power" battery is fairly big, so you should look for for a bike w/ an "open triangle", space for the battery. A bike w/ a rear shock and space for the battery is a little hard to find, but there are some out there.
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Re: Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

Post by eCue » Apr 16 2018 9:48pm

I like MTB's for urban riding currently using a hardtail with air forks on the ebike and its soft and plush to ride. I also have a f/s bike it shines for jumping curbs and doing bunny hops or anything fun. They are a little springy but I like them.

Cruisers have there place too , know to ride like Cadillacs due to the steel weight and style a large easy platform for modifications :D


Maybe add a triple tree

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Re: Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

Post by MadRhino » Apr 16 2018 11:58pm

Your question does miss an essential factor: performance.

Recommendation of a frame, does require to know how much power you’re gonna build on it, and how fast you plan to ride.
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Post by tomjasz » Apr 17 2018 2:03am

"DON'T BUY ANYTHING until you know exactly what kind of bottom bracket shell the bike has."
"be especially careful when selecting a bike 2012 and newer because the chances of having a non BSA/JIS bottom bracket shell increases."

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Re: Which mountain bikes are suitable for electrification?

Post by wesnewell » Apr 17 2018 2:36am

Read the Need Advice link in sig.
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