Simple Data Comms?

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Simple Data Comms?

Post by mikew8760 » Apr 20 2018 4:24am

I am hoping someone who is more conversant with e-bike controllers than me may be able to help with my question. I have a Yuan Lang controller, type YP-10-135 1:1, which has been removed by the retailer as faulty, and replaced with a similar one. I don't believe it is faulty, and just a bit miffed that I have been ripped off. I have it on my 'test bench' ; by applying signals to mimic the Hall sensors and a pot. for the throttle everything seems to work. However, there is one wire which has no connector - I suspect it has been cut off, (deliberately?). It connects to a pad on the pcb marked '1:1'. My question is, I think this should be for some simple data comms from the 3-LED power control on the handlebars, but I have no idea what protocol is used, or the significance of the '1:1'.
Of course, I could 'scope the output, but at the moment the bike is with my friend, about 50 miles away!

Any help would be most gratefully received.
P.S. I'm a noobie here, so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place.

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