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5V Light flashing

Posted: Apr 29 2018 2:19am
by coolbobjoe
Having some issues with two brand new controllers from em3ev that I need help diagnosing. No matter what type of pack or settings I try to run I cannot seem to get either the 6 fet sensored or sensorless version to work. have only gotten one 6 fet sensored to work out of the three originally ordered. anyone know what a blinking 5v led means when hooked up to the generic bldc motor/controller tester? All components have been verified good to go on a 12, 18, and 24 fet controllers so its definetely something on the controller or my own end. let me know if you have any thoughts. also have tried running without an ebrake and also tried with the voltage jumper on and off now for 36v 10S li ion, and 52V 13s li ion