Bafang BPM2 48v500w, s12s controller delay

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Bafang BPM2 48v500w, s12s controller delay

Post by White_Ferret » May 13 2018 3:58pm

I have Bafang bpm2 48v 500w hub motor and bmsbattery sine wave S12S controller and when I pull the throttle there is a delay until the motor start working.
On the LCD it shows that I pulled the throttle but still there is about 0.5 sec until it starts.
How can I fix it ? Do you recomend to chnage the controller software ? Like this one: https://opensourceebikefirmware.bitbuck ... ndex3.html
https://opensourceebikefirmware.bitbuck ... MWARE.html

thank you

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