Riese & Müller Load nuvinci

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Riese & Müller Load nuvinci

Post by Fodterapeuten » May 21 2018 2:39am

Hi every one.

I have a Riese & Müller Load with Nuvinci N380 stepless gear hub and 2 pcs 500watt batteries mounted.
Its a Bosch Performance CX center motor. With Bosch nylon display.

I often think I give it so much gas that the tallest gear is too low and I roll around (too high cadence) I can not gain more speed.

Are there anyone who have an idea of ​​what to do so it gets tougher at the top so I do not get that high cadence and thus can not drive as fast as I would like.?
I'm thinking about changeing the chain rings in the front and in the back to higher teeth. Can somebody explain to me what will happend if i go up in teeth in chain rings in the front and in the back?.
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Re: Riese & Müller Load nuvinci

Post by amberwolf » May 21 2018 1:43pm

If the chainrings you pedal with are the same as the ones the motor work with, then you'll change the loading of the motor at the same time as you change that on your pedals.

In that case, changing the length of the cranks would change the rate you spin at (longer gives lower rate), but that will also change the angles your legs are at vs the pedals during the rotation, and that might be uncomfortable, or even have clearance problems to frame or ground.

I guess first you have to decide exactly what you want.

Do you want the motor to provide less top speed? If so, it probably has a speed limit setting.

Do you want it to provide less power at that top speed? If so, it probably has a setting for that.

Or do you want something else?

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Re: Riese & Müller Load nuvinci

Post by eCue » May 22 2018 8:27am

I used Sheldon Browns gear calculator to set my gears to my cadence.
If you want to pedal at higher speeds you would want a larger (front) chain ring and a smaller (rear) sprocket or one or the other. Do a few teeth smaller on the rear if you need a bit more speed or a larger chain ring up front for more of a change

Your max sustained cadence Vs speed will be the determining factor in gear selection
The rpm you pedal at depend on your level of fitness , only you know what your capable of maintaining.

Sheldon Browns gear calculator http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gear-calc.html
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Re: Riese & Müller Load nuvinci

Post by Voltron » May 22 2018 9:10am

The Bosch motor units are programmed for the size of the driver sprocket they come with, and it isn't covered under warranty if you change the gear ratio.

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