Bafang vs Shengyi hub motor

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Bafang vs Shengyi hub motor

Post by Limezy » Jun 14 2018 1:42am

Hi all,

I'm living in Shanghai and have bought an E-CargoBike for my wife and kids from a Chinese brand, Beiji Vehicles.
I went to the factory to have review of the quality of their products. I was quite pleased by the Slim-E.

I'm sure I will be willing to buy a better quality cargobike one day, but those are only made in EU and prices to import here in China are crazy expensive. Nevertheless, I believe this one will suit my needs, at least for some 3 years I'm planning to stay here. Moreover, I've pulled up a bit the quality of equipments : Tektro hydraulic brakes, Scwhalbe Marathon tubes and tyres...

My bike is now under manufacturing.

Just got an message from the company telling that they are out of stock for the Bafang motor (250W brushless hall sensors) that was in the specsheet, and they propose to replace it with a Shangyi (same specs : 250W, brushless, five hall sensors). The commercial told me it was because of the new "anti-dumping" laws in EU, that seem to have shaken the whole Chinese e-bike industry those last weeks.

Here is where I need your expertise : are these motors equivalent ? Shall I refuse and wait for Bafang to be back on the market ?
The controller is Lishui. Is it a good controller ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

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Re: Bafang vs Shengyi hub motor

Post by Jonjo78 » Jan 14 2019 2:38am

Hi Limezy

I have just ordered one of these myself! I think they are changing the same thing on mine. We're you happy with it in the end?

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