Identify this Crystalyte controller?

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Identify this Crystalyte controller?

Post by Motormark » Jul 01 2018 5:45pm

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Does anybody know what this controller is?
Bought it from Crystalite Belgium, and don't get much support from them.
The regen cable is missing, and i want to use regen braking. Can anybody help me here?


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Re: Identify this Crystalyte controller?

Post by areuz » Jul 02 2018 4:59am

By the looks of the datasheet and a quick glance on their site, they mean ebrake cable, and not regen cable.
You simply connect the 2 connectors to any ebrake lever\switch and it should be fine. To test it, you can connect two cables to the regen connectors, short them together and see if the controller starts braking the motor.

Or you can buy one of their ebrake switches separately. Like this one: ... 21&cat=329
They also sell whole levers, but I personally like this option better.

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