Hi, new to ebikes. Need help with 750w luna geared hub

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Hi, new to ebikes. Need help with 750w luna geared hub

Post by charles82 » Aug 28 2018 12:42pm

I'm trying to find a screen. Or any help adding a different screen. I contacted luna and they would not give me the pin out for my motor. I purchased it second hand. The learning curve is a little different and more costly than anything I've ever done. I received the motor controller geared Hub motor and rim screen and brakes from eBay. Luna Cycles says that a 52 volt battery will work with this particular controller and hub. The previous owner even though he said he never used it and from the looks of the untightened spokes and the lack of Grease or wear and tear on the gears he did not use it and I couldn't get much help from him. I ordered another screen that they say will not work with this unit but Luna says it will. It worked and it worked very well I was excited and didn't Mount the screen so while test-driving I dropped the screen and hit the road and was drug behind me for about 15 ft before I could come to a complete stop then the screen did not work or the system. So I contacted e-bikekit they sent me another one that I paid for I got it today plugged it up and it worked I changed my wheel size and then it stopped working. So I've sent them back both screens and the controller hoping that I get a fraction of the money that I've spent I was wondering if any of you guys are familiar with this round plug-in that comes from the motor with multiple pins in it three large ones and about five or six smaller ones and the one that connects to the screen is about a quarter of an inch circle with very very tiny pins. If anybody has made it this far in my post I think you for your time. I would like to try a screen one more time from e-bikekit but I don't know if it's going to work and they're probably not going to refund me my money on this third try. is there a way to connect another screen to this type of motor I'm new to this forum I actually got off the phone with a representative from ebike a minute ago that called me and recommended this forum. If I can't use the controller or the screen with this motor I could wire another controller and another type of screen to it hopefully did the controller seems fine it's just the screen and they're becoming very scarce on the internet Luna will not even sell them cuz they have to open a kit to get a screen out to sell one and at $125 a pop I'd hate to buy one more and it not work

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Re: Hi, new to ebikes. Need help with 750w luna geared hub

Post by fechter » Aug 28 2018 2:42pm

There are many variations on those type of displays. Most need to communicate with the controller to make things work. Even with an apparently identical display, it may not work if the software version is different. Some controllers can work without the display, some can't.

In most cases you really need to buy the display and controller together. It is rare to see the display units sold separately.

A generic 750W controller with display is pretty cheap on eBay or AliExpress.
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