EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

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EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by ronrrm » Sep 03 2018 6:21pm

Anyone know if there is an alternative to the EM3EV Bluetooth BMS app on Android, which by the way is awesome.

The feature I'm looking for is 'data logging'.

It would be nice to see current draws...etc. graphs over the ride, without having to invest, install and setup a Cycle Analyst.


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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by strepto » Dec 09 2018 1:15am

I'd second that. An open source option would be awesome too. I'm not super impressed with the existing app; basic spelling errors... and didn't play nicely with my tablet... We'll see how it goes over time (I only just set it up).

Does anyone know the make/model of the BMS they use? Maybe we could hit up the vendor...

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