EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

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EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by ronrrm » Sep 03 2018 6:21pm

Anyone know if there is an alternative to the EM3EV Bluetooth BMS app on Android, which by the way is awesome.

The feature I'm looking for is 'data logging'.

It would be nice to see current draws...etc. graphs over the ride, without having to invest, install and setup a Cycle Analyst.


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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by strepto » Dec 09 2018 1:15am

I'd second that. An open source option would be awesome too. I'm not super impressed with the existing app; basic spelling errors... and didn't play nicely with my tablet... We'll see how it goes over time (I only just set it up).

Does anyone know the make/model of the BMS they use? Maybe we could hit up the vendor...

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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by Thomsontouring » Dec 15 2018 10:46am

I took my em3ev BMS out after it failed. There is a sticker on it that says:
Power core BMS
Possibly this is the manufacturer's website -- http://en.d-powercore.com/eproduct/list-47.html

This information is also printed on the BMS:
BARCODE with this number below

Another recent Bluetooth BMS from Em3ev had these ID numbers on it:
Sticker inside controller sandwich: DXB00160-2-0164
MOSFET Board printing: DXB30-B V1.0.1 180612
BMS Control board printing: DXB30-T V1.1 180530

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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by strepto » Dec 15 2018 9:36pm

Thanks! That looks like the manufacturer, judging by the products available and the app info. Unfortunately their website it a bit thin on detailed information and download links...

I may shoot them an email but I suspect there will be a bit of a language barrier...

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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by Adminacc » Mar 27 2019 1:45pm

Any luck with the supplier? getting more data out of the BMS would be awesome!

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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by strepto » Mar 27 2019 3:20pm

Nope, sound of crickets...

Not super impressed with this BMS at the end of the day. It doesn't balance very well and the app makes me log back in/reconnect to the bluetooth device every time it starts... a somewhat painful process...

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Re: EM3EV Bluetooth BMS App

Post by stevecahill » Mar 28 2019 5:37am

Just completed setting up this BMS from AliExpress @ https://www.aliexpress.com/item/8S-to-2 ... 4c4d18lrYX

Using this app to run it https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... tecks.vbms

Currently bike motor is on test stand, and I am going through the set-up of the devices, battery build, controller, KT-LCD and the bluetooth BMS. This is my first E-bike build. Bluetooth connects very easy to Android device (only). Has data logging with GPS along with saving trip data and exporting data, cell voltages, balancing, charging over under limits, with alarms. Included are 4 additional therministors that can be place anywhere on the bike. The fifth therministor reads the FET temp on the board. My only issue is that I am unfamiliar with its setup and knowing what the parameters should be set up as. Each day I become a bit more aware of the settings and their proper values for my battery build.

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