battery draw with Field weakening

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battery draw with Field weakening

Post by Newbeast » Oct 11 2018 2:04pm

Hi! im having a bit of a struggle to understand field weakening.
if i add 20A of field weakening, will it then draw 20A more from the battery? or will it be converted by the controller as with phase amps?
im running 80A with 180A phase on a sabvoton controller, and my battery is limited to pulling 80A. can i then use a bit of field weakening without pulling to much from my pack?

greatful for help :D

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Re: battery draw with Field weakening

Post by flat tire » Nov 18 2018 1:47am

Field weakening just shifts the the phase of the current to the coils ie it adjusts the timing. You can spin the motor faster and carry torque longer at the expense of efficiency but the controller shouldn't exceed the nominal phase / battery current limits.

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