New Brushless controller is running slow

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New Brushless controller is running slow

Post by api » Oct 11 2018 9:07pm

well i bought an new brushless controller 36/48 250w/350w 15ah and it is supported to a kt led 880 display ive connected positive negative of my battery i have 2 silverfish style batteries 36v one is 10.4ah and another is 8ah the 10.4 is 2months old i connected my throtle also 3 phase wires for the motor ive connected self learning and nothing worked the shop i bought from told me its supported by that display so i bought one so i can use it to activate the controler (power switch) also connected + - and green wire for the 3 gears speed and so the self learning worked now when it does its not fast ive tried disconnect the learing and use throttle its the same speed like the self learning gave me so ive tried turning it offf and on while self learing using the battery switch key also the display itself
and even pulling my throttle to reset to learning so its still gave me same speed like 10-15kmh now i am very famillier with 500w 1000w build as i had myself and all of my friends i myself built more then 10 diffrent e bikes but for some reason this controller its the problem its new and other controller worked the thing i think is the problem is something about the learning when i turn on thhe display to turn on the bike the display shows 1 out of 4 battery led indicator and its flashing nonstop as if i have like 5% battery on it which is the resullt of a normal situation for the motor to spin slow but when i try just connect + - to a lcd display s900 the 5 lines of battery are full also i connected that lcd display to the power switch it does start the bike
but same result i think i need to somehow figure out the cause of the kt led 880 display for the light to flash as if the controller giving it 15% of its power ive tried anything i could my only hope is for people with more experience to help me out also i did connected and disconnected the hall sensors for the learning i think its automaticaly set to 48v somehow and that is the reason the led display is flashing nonstop and the lcd display dosnt cause i set the voltage on it to 36v on that display if i am correct how do i change the voltage to 36v on the controller

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