Battery failing! Danger?

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Battery failing! Danger?

Post by Debunker » Nov 04 2018 2:56pm

Hi, I got a 1 year old battery, very well cared, last time I charge it at 80% as usual, put in the bike, grease the chain and ride a few minutes at the garage, everithing seems ok... but in the morning when I ride the bike to work, the thumb indicator shows a dramatic drop off, the motor starts moving, and suddenly cutts of power... (BMS does his work cutting off the power I guess)

-Shit! this thing is gonna allahu akbar in my balls!! (I thing at that moment) so in a desperate and brave moment, I jump of the bike, trow it at ground, open the bag and quickly disconect the battery whit the nerve of a profesional bomb defuser.

The black cable are notoriously hot, the pack itself are cold... I wait a bit whit everyone in the street watching the scene confused, afther a segond try, same result, so of course I had to return and leave the battery in the garage, inside an old PC chase box reinforced whit migthy aluminion thinfoil.

Today I try to figure out what happen and where is the problem, well... turns out that the problem is in the battery itself, strange thing is... the build in indicator shows 58v has it is correct whit a 52v at 80% charge, but as soon as I plug the pack in a watt metter (even disconected from the system) it starts building up voltage pretty slowly, and stops around 32v, this time the cables don't burn but I don't trust the pack anymore...

I barely understand the basics of batteries, and I'm afraid that thing may go allahu akbar on my garage at any moment... What the frock happens? any simple way to repair it? should I just trow the thing in the trash and hope no hobo put his hands on it? that cost my more than the bike itsef!

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