Escooter system mods query

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Escooter system mods query

Post by dannis » Jan 03 2019 9:32pm

Controller : Yuyangking 48-96v 80a 3000w
Motor : 72v 3000w Dual phase HM Motor
Battery : 60v LGMJ1 cells 17.5ah 35a constant, 80a max discharge

Problem :

Before : Battery to controller using XT60 connector with 14awg wires, controller to motor wires using screws secure to connect the metal connectors of both. Controller temp between 60-68 degrees celcius, battery heats up during high load usage.

After : Battery to controller using XT90S connector with 12awg wires, controller to motor wires direct soulder. Controller temp between 75-85 degrees celcius, battery dont heat up during high load usage.

Overall, torque has been increased but question is what seems to be the problem as the controller temperature is not in the healthy range. Is there any suggestion for further improvements (any).

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