Bafang-bbs01. Can read but not write flash :/

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Bafang-bbs01. Can read but not write flash :/

Post by Mange-88 » Feb 08 2019 11:17am

Hi guys. 😊

I just got my new Bafang bbs01 250w.

Today I've decided to link it to my computer to change a few parameters, but there's a problem.

I can't write/ write to flash:/

I've tried with 3 different versions of Bafang configuration tool, but they are all the same.

The COM-port appears automatically, I can't choose a different one.

I can read it tough. But when I click write flash, nothing happens. The window that should appear "writing flash successfully" doesn't.

Is there some manufacture protection

I've tried different USB ports and
Battery is connected.

I live in Norway btw.

Any suggestions? 🤔

Video links below


Kind regards


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