Problem with new Baserunner controller

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Problem with new Baserunner controller

Post by ratury » Feb 16 2019 5:03am

Hey guys,
I'm new here, so if I've missed or broke any rules please let me know!
I've purchased a new grin technologies kit for a vehicle i'm building, including the CA-DP, and the new BaseRunner controller.
I'm trying to power my Crystalyte FHS2440 motor. both connectors have 9 pin connections, but the one on the motor (male) is incompatible with the Z910 (female) connector on the baserunner. I've searched for an adapter and couldn't find one.
The next thing i've tried, since I don't necesseraly need more than the 3-pin connections, is to convert both the motor thread and the Z910 connector in to anderson's (which I did so far), and found this adapter ... 274&page=1
but I couldn't find an adapter for the Z910 connector.
any suggestions on how to connect the two without manually rewiring the connectors?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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