Q100H + 52v No load speed of only 19.3mph?

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Q100H + 52v No load speed of only 19.3mph?

Post by Lovelock » Feb 16 2019 6:15am

Hey, I got my wheel back from yesterday from having a new Q100h fitted and last night got everything plugged together.

It's a 260rpm motor, and I'm using a new 52v battery but my LCD3 display is showing that it tops out at 19mph under full throttle.

Using the exact same controller and display from my previous build, I had a Q128C 201rpm and a 48v battery but that topped out around 22mph.

I was expecting to see around 25 on this project judging by the extra volts and rpm on the motor.

I haven't changed any settings on the controller from when I was using the old setup, should I do a reset and start again leaving all the params the defaults?

This the my controller, 20a from PSW power http://www.pswpower.com/ven.php?cargo.2016-3f-33c0

EDIT: Just checked and my P1 was set to 87, changing it to 201 made the speed show 30mph+... i'll have to get a GPS app and try to work it out I guess!

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