sabvoton svmc 7280 error code 30H

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sabvoton svmc 7280 error code 30H

Post by Gbcarnage65 » Feb 28 2019 8:34am

I've bought an ebike with sabvoton svmc 7280 and it is displaying error code 30H.
Does anyone know what this means.


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Re: sabvoton svmc 7280 error code 30H

Post by TommyCat » Feb 28 2019 6:04pm

According to this programming guide. ... ual-en.pdf

It means: "30 throttle error... While power on controller detect throttle voltage is higher than the min valid throttle voltage setting ,it will enter throttle protect"

What does your throttle voltage indicate under system status? Or is the throttle stuck on a little? Verify throttle output voltage.
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Re: sabvoton svmc 7280 error code 30H

Post by jaker1309 » May 29 2019 11:46am

Hi, the best solution is connect on pc with usb cable and in mq software look the error code, also you can look the green light on the sabvoton controller, if it's fixed turn on, all is ok and the problem is in tft screen, and if green led is blinking the controller are in fault mode, you can count the number of blink and this is the code of fault

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