EBikeling 48v 1200w Rear Direct Drive Hub questions

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EBikeling 48v 1200w Rear Direct Drive Hub questions

Post by gravityrun » Mar 10 2019 2:07am

I recently did a EBikeling 48v 1200w Rear Fat Tire DD Hub Kit (Note the actual motor can reach upto 1450watts). Comes with the S830 LCD Display. However, the controller says it's a 30amp controller. The s830 display reads the max current as 24amps when going. Battery is a 52v 20ah with a 40amp BMS rated at a peak of 120amps.

When going into the configuration settings P01-16, I see that P11 is related to the max AMP out. Currently, it doesn't allow you to set it higher than 24 in the selection options. Which to me is a bummer cause it's a 30amp controller. I've opened the controller to take a look and it has 12 FETs and 2x35v caps. (soo should handle around 1200-1500watts and 70v...).

I've got one of the BBSXXX Programming cables on the way and plan to see if they work with the ebikeling controller to allow me to modify it so that 30 amps is a selection option and maybe even for testing purposes a 40 amp (Note with the 40amp, i think I would need to perform a shunt mod, not fully sure on this as I'm new to this scene.)

I do have an issue where there isn't a speed sensor and it's suppose to be calculated based off the 26" wheel and RPM's. Option P07 appears to be related to this. With the motor, i believe it's a 23 magnet pair so I have set it to 46 to match the magnet count... at least that's how I think it works.

But I sure could use some suggestions on how to modify the actual selections for that P11 option.
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