Help/Volunteer needed with Bafang Battery / BMS

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Help/Volunteer needed with Bafang Battery / BMS

Post by BotoXbz » Mar 14 2019 3:09am


I wrote my own open source BMS firmware for the Chinese smart BMS to use it with my Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.
Details here:

Now I want to make it work with Bafang systems just like the original Battery/BMS from Bafang does.
In order to implement the BMS protocol from Bafang I obviously need to know what the communication looks like.

This is why I need someone with this battery/BMS to volunteer and connect a logic analyzer or two serial UART dongles (the RX part) to the two serial wires on their battery.
They'd then turn on the bike and go to the detailed battery menu on the display.
This should provide all the communication in the data dump and enable me to reverse engineer it and implement it in my own BMS firmware.

This way custom battery builds with the Chinese smart BMS could work just like original Bafang Batteries and the correct battery info is shown on the bafang display along with the other detailed info.

I believe this is the wiring harness that connects the battery to the bafang motor/display bus: ... xxxxx.html

This would be a cheap logic analyzer:

Or just use two serial UART USB dongles: ... 1374541932

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