Homemade ebike Show and Contest, June 27th, Sign up now

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Re: Homemade ebike Show and Contest, June 27th, Sign up now

Post by justin_le » Jul 05 2010 6:33am

jonescg wrote:Hey Luke, you're going to have to find an excuse to come up to Vancouver again in the next 3 months; I'd love to meet you (and anyone else nearby). I'll have to see if Aussie Jester has anything 'unique' to send your way ;)
See youse soon!
Hey Chris, nice to catch you briefly today, hopefully next time I won't be in such a rush!

For those who weren't at the ebike last weekend, it was a good amount of fun. All told there were just over a dozen homemade electric bikes present:
Groups Shot.jpg
Groups Shot.jpg (92.9 KiB) Viewed 6066 times
Melissa showed up and we roped her into being a judge for the event as well as official photographer. Her posts with comments hare on flicker here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/melly-mewd ... 4741407794

Some of my favorites:

Ishikawa from Nanaimo with his 4-wheel quad bike, that can be ridden by single rider in the middle or as a sociable tandem.
Ishikawa.jpg (84.21 KiB) Viewed 6109 times
Great home-made fibreglass utility bins for storage on Richard's ebike
Cargo Utility.jpg
Cargo Utility.jpg (59.89 KiB) Viewed 6065 times

Anne-Sophie with her recently converted "Goldie"
Goldie.jpg (98.66 KiB) Viewed 6064 times

Zenon also just finished this recumbent trike just before the show. Real Italian Leather seats.
Recliner.jpg (95.4 KiB) Viewed 6110 times

And we were very fortunate to get a visit from an owner of one of Sam Whittingham's hand-built ebikes from Naked Cycles
Custom built from the ground up to be a longtail with a stokemonkey drive system. Gorgeous indeed.
Naked Bike.jpg
Naked Bike.jpg (111.9 KiB) Viewed 6066 times

Previously competed in the Suntrip race on a back to back tandem solar powered row/cycle trike. 550 watt solar roof, dual Grin All Axle hub motors, dual Phaserunner controllers, 12 LiGo batteries, and a whole wack of gear.

Now back in Vancouver learning to be a dad with my Big Dummy Frame (yes This One, thanks ES!) with GMAC 10T rear hub motor, Phaserunner controller, and 52V 19Ah EM3EV pack
My website: http://www.ebikes.ca
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Re: Homemade ebike Show and Contest, June 27th, Sign up now

Post by jonescg » Jul 06 2010 12:32pm

Looked like a hoot!

Hey Justin I'm now living on Main and 42nd, so I might try to pop in when you're less busy. These long sunny days are killing me without a motorbike :x

See you soon!


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Re: Homemade ebike Show and Contest, June 27th, Sign up now

Post by Zoot Katz » Jul 07 2010 3:01am

Thank you Justin for putting this together. I had a good time that day.
There are seven ES posters visible in the group shot of 13 bikes!

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