2011 Huntington Beach, CA Bicycle Show

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Re: 2011 Huntington Beach, CA Bicycle Show

Post by Sacman » Nov 07, 2011 3:22 pm

I made a video clip that showed the bike show (or what was left of it when I finally got there) and the other half was video of the ride I took along the beach afterwards. I had to work most of the day on Saturday so when I finally arrived in Huntington Beach it was 4:30pm and the vendors were already starting to take down their display booths.

Most of the ebikes there on display were the hum-drum in performance (20mph and less, 20-mile range). I guess most of the vendors were trying to sell "street legall" ebikes. But there was one cool and stylish looking red beach cruiser by Pedego that caught my attention.

I met up with my friend Gary (E-Ticket) and his two boys and chatted a while. Sunset came pretty fast and vendors were almost all done packing away their bikes and display booths. I got bored so I stuck the GoPro camera on the end of a stick and went for a ride down Main Street and along the beach as the sun went down.

It got dark fast and there was supposed to be a "Parade of Lights and Electric Bikes" along the beach. I rode around but never found it. All I saw was a man and woman riding their two bicycles decorated with a strings of Christmas lights wrapped around their bikes. They were looking for the parade too.

Anyway, here's the video. (Sorry the camera was aimed too low at the beginning of the video.)

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