Silver Comet ATL / Race Idea Brainstorming..

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Silver Comet ATL / Race Idea Brainstorming..

Postby icecube57 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:06 pm

I want to organize a meet/race event for the East Coast. Georgia has an amazing path system. We have winding urban city paths and country straight paths. I was thinking maybe I could organize an Endurance Event or Stage race that partial city partially on the Silver Comet and collect tickets at participating and designated way points. The Silver Comet is a 100 mile paved trail system that starts in Georgia and ends in Alabama. The trail is 1-3% grade all the way. Few bridges and street crossings. Its very scenic. There is support via road access/stores/ bike shops on the city side/ Major Shopping centers along the way. I can sorta act as a chase vehicle meeting you at the next way points or whatever with your gear batteries or equipment. I think I can organize some charge points for either opportunity charging to get you to the next waypoint ... rest breaks for breakfast lunch or dinner. I can give you info on hotel stay. You can ship and stage stuff at my place. Im less than 10-15 minutes away from the trail. If Luke comes and bring his super chargers I know I can stage a rapid charge point at a relatives house thats right in the middle of the trail.

Ive calculated based on my rides out there that is going to take 1.5kwh pack or better to do the entire trail without needing to recharge. If this event is to long then I can organize some inner city rides that will take 750-1kwh of power doing some safe urban riding where you ride Atlanta's path system to designated stops and collect tickets or something. We have a 35-40 mile round trip stone mountain path system that is pretty nice. Its urban is scenic... its has a few long duration hills up and down.

I dont know about prizes. I have nothing of value to give or offer. Maybe someone can put up something or I can get my EV club to put a cash price together or I can write local companies to sponsor us. I have a strong contact at Georgia Power and Coca Cola that may have deep pockets. Im sure if i get the word out and drum up support It will be something worth while.
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Re: Silver Comet ATL / Race Idea Brainstorming..

Postby Evoforce » Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:53 am

I think a lot of the ideas that you are kicking around sound good. I would put this in the general discussion area but not under events (for now) to get more input.
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