The Moving Cycle Free D.I.Y. bike repair

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The Moving Cycle Free D.I.Y. bike repair

Post by themovingcycle » Dec 14 2014 5:58pm

Hey everyone,

This is a little project that I started up and I have been generating some interest and participation. I mostly assist the homeless at this point, but that seems to be because the greatest repair need and the greatest number of people using bicycles for everyday transportation seem to be homeless in my neighborhood. If you are around the Phoenix area and would like to help out or donate anything (I really mean anything even patchable bike tubes and worn out tires) please contact me. My goal is eventually an e-assist cargo bike to haul around more parts and tools.


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Re: The Moving Cycle Free D.I.Y. bike repair

Post by amberwolf » Aug 08 2016 7:05pm

Necro-thread revive! :)

If you're still around ES, I may have some stuff soon-ish as I go thru old wheels and such.

BTW, if you have unpatchable tubes, you can cut off the valve stem, slit them along their inner circumference, and use them as tire liners around your actual tubes.

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