[AUS] Canberra ebike ride - 24th or 26th of March

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Re: [AUS] Canberra ebike ride - 24th or 26th of March

Post by Cowardlyduck » Apr 22, 2017 5:37 am

Thanks Jay. Spelling fixed...woops. :lol:

High Power LiPo wiring harnesses - 4P - XT90, HXT4mm, 5.5mm. 200Amp+ capable. Global shipping.

Modified Stealth Fighter - Force air cooled Leaf motor @ 6KW, Heat-sinked Adaptto Mini-E. Battery = 49AH, 14S (51.1V) Sanyo 18650GA - 2.5Kwhr = 200km range!
Cowardlyducks - Stealth Fighter Videos

BikeE recumbent - Golden motor, 6Fet Grinfineon, internal 17AH, 14S Sanyo 18650GA, + on-board solar.

The stuff I make and modify.

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