Ride the Rockies E-Vent...

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Ride the Rockies E-Vent...

Post by Josh K. » Jan 06, 2018 12:56 pm

Hi Folks,

Ride the Rockies out of Denver Colorado is coming up again. They are about to announce the rout for this year.

This event has about 2,000 cyclists riding up, and over several Rocky Mountains. I did it on a handmade E bike back in 2012.
Epic Ride, for sure. I am going to rebuild one of my old prototypes I built for the Aerobic Cruiser project, back in 2009...
I will start a thread soon, with a little blog on the tear down, my new motor, Batteries, and fuel meter...Can't wait.

This is a first come, first served registration event this year, vs the lottery system they used to use. This event will be about
a week long, with camping out along the way. We stay at local schools, and see many very cool communities along the way.

Got a new machine that you want to test out? Need to show the world that your bike can go the distance? Come on out and ride
with me. I need a few Electric cyclists to join up with on this killer ride.

Now, when signing up, I do not recommend bragging about the E bike you are using...I recommend signing up, kinda stealth, and
then just show up with your helmet, and ride. I do not think that e bikes are banned, but lets just say, this up and coming technology
is not very welcome with the traditional cyclists crowd. I made a few friends along the way, and took a lot of abuse while
standing up for my right to ride. But, at the end of the event, many cyclists came up and said congrats for making it the whole way.
It was one of the best rides of my life, fir sure. Okay, more to come. Peace, Josh K.
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Custom E bike designer, Mechanic, and electric diagnostics expert.
Climbed Mnt. Washington twice, Pikes peak twice, PIR, First Electric Cyclist to Ride the Rockies 2012, All on handbuilt pedal assist E bikes.

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