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Bikee Bike

Post by giblet » May 17 2017 4:35am

Anyone seen or tested this mid-drive...

Looks pretty good. Thinking of getting one for my girlfriend.

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Re: Bikee Bike

Post by rojitor » May 17 2017 11:29am

I have been following them for a while. I love their doing. As far as I know no one has got the motor so far. They are finishing the batteries and then they will deliver the motors. It is still not available but you can pre-order.

Leif   1 µW

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Bikee Bike torque emulation

Post by Leif » Sep 23 2018 3:08pm

If I have read the manual well, the Bikee Bike does not have a real torque sensor, but a torque sensor simulator.
I happen to think the real sensor is best.
What are your thoughts? (a Chinese manufacturer of hub motors and controllers) thinks:
This kind of controllers are not as same as the other commom controllers. It is the torque simulation controller. So when you change the level of the PAS by LCD or LED890 panel, the speed will not change. They are in same speed. But the torque is different. In other word, the output of controller power is different.
Just marketing bla bla for their own S12SH 800W 35A Torque Simulation Sine Wave Controller?
Or does this opinion makes sense?

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