Removing Freewheel from Unite MY 1016 / 1018 Motor

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Removing Freewheel from Unite MY 1016 / 1018 Motor

Post by SPho3nix » Nov 08 2019 6:15pm

Hey Endless Spheres!

For a time (a few weeks), I had a bike with a MY 1016 side mount motor.

Then, the cheap chinese freewheel attached to the motor busted open, spraying it's ball bearings everywhere. I want to replace the freewheel with a better quality one!

For the life of me, I have no idea how to remove this freewheel from this motor!

I do not have any experience working with motors of any sort, and I don't think I understand how this freewheel attaches to the shaft! Any help or knowledge about what I need to do to get it removed would be incredibly helpful! I have tried twisting, pulling, hammering at the little pin, and I am at wits end!

I've attached pictures and linked to a youtube video of what I'm dealing with. As you can see in the video, when you move the freewheel, the little key in the shaft moves, but the shaft does not! All the white stuff you see is epoxy, it is holding the freewheel together.

Youtube Video:
IMG_9905.jpg (218.69 KiB) Viewed 80 times
IMG_9907.jpg (255.07 KiB) Viewed 80 times
IMG_9911.jpg (389.48 KiB) Viewed 80 times
IMG_8586.jpg (317.76 KiB) Viewed 80 times
Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

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Re: Removing Freewheel from Unite MY 1016 / 1018 Motor

Post by neptronix » Nov 08 2019 6:26pm

Maybe a 3 pronged gear puller? that's my best guess.. it could be held on there with tension alone.
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Re: Removing Freewheel from Unite MY 1016 / 1018 Motor

Post by amberwolf » Nov 09 2019 1:20am

From what I can see, a puller, with it's jaws on the freewheel body's far side, and it's center pin on the shaft's center hole, should be able to pull the assembly straight out off the shaft.

Then you'll need to either get a new freewheel *and* shaft adapter, or get the existing freewheel off of the existing adapter.

To do the latter, you'll have to be able to hold onto the existing adapter, which might be possible with vise grips or a vise mounted to a table, but will probably require a shaft with key like it is made to mount to, but locked in position.

THen you need the right freewheel remover for the existing freewheel; you can't tell which that is until you get the unit off the shaft, cuz the slots are on the motor side. :/

It's probably cheaper and easier to just get a new adapter and freewheel at the same time.

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