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BBS02 short-circuit - help required

Posted: Jun 22 2019 3:38am
by kachou
Dear friends,

Whenever I plug my battery to by BBS02, a short circuit happens and y connectors burn.
Any advice on what I should do?

Here are the details:
  • I installed a a BBS02 48V, with a 52V6AH 30Q battery and XT90-SS connectors
  • I run it always on by plugging the USB cable to the motor - because of that, I got sparks everytime I plugged the battery in
  • I only use PAS and no throttle
  • I programmed the controller to Low Battery Protect 43V and Limited Current 9 Amps
  • The motor have been working well for a couple of months, riding 100km/week in a city
  • On day I got both a heavy rain + I lifted my wife with me on the bike, and the motor stopped working
  • By looking on this forum, I started changing the connectors for new ones, and using a different battery, but it did not solve the problem, on the contrary: now I cannot plug the battery anymore as I get short circuits.

Has anyone else encountered these kind of problems?
Thanks in advance for your help! :thumb: