tsdz2, controller options for open source

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tsdz2, controller options for open source

Post by Platypus » Aug 14 2019 2:00pm

I have a tsdz2 motor installed on my bike. I want to upgrade the controller to one which is compatible with the Open Source software.

1. What is the most popular controller for installing this on?
2. Are there particular controllers which stand out as more/less capable, or more durable than others?

Thanks to all.

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Re: tsdz2, controller options for open source

Post by amberwolf » Aug 15 2019 2:52am

First, you'd have to tell us *which* OSS you're referring to, because it's likely to be hardware-specific, so we can only recommend hardware for a particular OSS.

Second, why not just use the controller that's in there, with the TSDZ2 Open Source Software?


If you can't or don't want to for some reason, maybe you could use the KT series version (it has it's own thread), but I don't know how well (or if) the hardware it works with the TSDZ2 system.

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