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Stuck Pully shaft key - Lightning Rods Small Block

Posted: Apr 08 2021 7:08am
by Remus
Hi folks,

Been a while since I've posted...
Cause I've had no problems with my early generation Lightning Rods Small Block Mid Drive Kit. To my surprise it's bike parts that wear out, but the LR small block has been a reliable machine.

In case you don't know about the kit learn more here :

Kits over 6 years old and a freewheel needs replacing. I'm stuck at removing the large belt gear from the keyed shaft.
I'm guessing the last time I put the belt gear on I jammed it :(

I've uploaded a video demonstrating the installation of the belt gear here : ... sp=sharing

Be aware this is a fragment of an old video demonstrating LR small block kit assembly, its a fragment relevant to my kit and my problem, but may not be relevant to owners of newer or customized LR kits. Mike of LR Dev has made constant upgrades to his kit.

Essentially I'm trying to do what's demonstrated in the video in reverse, I've removed the securing bolt. But the belt gear is stuck fast on the keyed shaft.

The belt gear is made of some kind of rigid compound, but I'm fairly certain its not metal, the free wheel in the center is metal.

Any tips and comments on getting out of this "jam" appreciated.


Re: Stuck Pully shaft key - Lightning Rods Small Block

Posted: Apr 09 2021 4:00am
by Remus
Went to a few auto workshops and a bike shop today

Still stuck