TSDZ2 too powerful on level 1?

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TSDZ2 too powerful on level 1?

Post by Dragos » Apr 25 2021 4:36pm

recently I have installed a TSDZ2 250W (48V) in place of a BBS02 700W (48V) to try the torque sensor as I did not like the Bafang too much just because I needed to change between assist levels most of the time.
I used the BBS02 on trails in the mountains :D, I think one of longest of my rides was with about 2K meters total ascend.
The BBS02 was programmed in a way that I liked, limited to 18A. I think most of the time I was in level 3 & 4 from 9 (I know it does not say too much, but I think you can get an idea of what level of power I'm used with).
I got the first 50 Km ride on the TSDZ2 and I can say I like the feeling of the torque sensor. The testing was done into a forest with mostly flat terrain and over a few hills, nothing out of the ordinary. The motor keeps me at the same level of power pressing on the pedals even when going uphill or when the terrain changes.
I could see a small difference when I selected assist levels > 1, but very small. The motor seem like more powerful that I expected on level 1. The ride was all made on level 1 (I only changed to upper assist levels to see how it responds).
Is there a way I can have better control to the power output? Maybe decreasing the amps?
Note that the motor version is "2020" and I'm using a "TFT 500S-U" display (there is no amps setting on the display).

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Re: TSDZ2 too powerful on level 1?

Post by casainho » May 04 2021 4:51pm

Install our OpenSource firmware.
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