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Fitting 350w 36v Bafang mid drive queries

Posted: Sep 14 2021 6:26pm
by Neddy
Hi I am new to forum live in Adelaide Sth Australia. I am planning on doing electric conversion on a omega fiamma aluminium framed bike. It has a rear 8 speed cassette 11-30t
The Bafang comes with 46t chain drive. Would I be better off putting a 36t chain drive on. I live in a fairly hilly area. Would a smaller chain drive give me more distance with motor running with less load? I am not worried about speed loss. I also am wondering about the brake cut off levers. My bike has a combined gear change and brake lever I guess I could put only one brake cut off lever on one side. Is there something I can set up for the gear change brake side? My crank frame width is 68 mm not sure whether I will need the spacer kit to help align the chain drive. Whether I need to buy this extra kit I don't know also the spanner to tighten Lock nuts. You would think they would come with the kit oh well it's all money in their pocket . Hope to hear from other people who have done this convert thanks Ned

Re: Fitting 350w 36v Bafang mid drive queries

Posted: Sep 20 2021 10:21am
by banzai
For the combined action lever you could probably adapt the sensor for idraulic brakes. ... ke-sensors

About gears, for a fairly hilly road you should use a 32 front gear, and maybe change the rear to something like a 11-46. Motors like BBS if used on hills with too long gears tend to overheat and die.