semi-serious 20inch racing build

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Re: semi-serious 20inch racing build

Post by bzhwindtalker » Feb 17, 2012 2:12 pm

I do not have a proper worksop yet, so I cant ensure a decent work. I am trying to find one to rent, without too much success for now... But yes I'm 100% with you, custom swing-arms can change a basic frame into a really nice ebike platform! I will let you know how it goes...

I will probably rewind the motor, just to train my skills at it. I re winded some small motors (100w...) but this is another game! I Have a efficiency contest project going with school (something alot like the shell eco-marathon), and the vehicle would probably benefit from a rewind for super low kv!

Nothing to ride... I really have to finish my custom frame FAST!

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Re: semi-serious 20inch racing build

Post by GITech » Feb 17, 2012 4:32 pm

Cool, ok! Let me know when/if you find a shop you can work with. PM me if need be when you do. :D

Wait, I must be missing are you going to work on your custom frame without this shop you haven't found yet? :| Please straighten me out! :mrgreen:

Ebike: Wallmart Genesis frame, unique Lovejoy 2-speed simplified/redundant drive mounted on custom aluminum swingarm conceptualized by me, machined by Thud. Brushless 80-100~100kv w/halls, 16s6p - 59.9v, 30Ah, 1.7+KWh, Fully Loaded Lyen 12 FET 3077 controller w/ Cycle-Analyst, full custom lighting.

Thanks to Justin at for saving ES!

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