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Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Apr 19 2019 9:58pm
by efMX Trials Electric Freeride
skeetab5780 wrote:
Apr 18 2019 5:46am
But do the original dirt Kuberg Freeriders have a VIN? I don't think I noticed one stamped on the frame. I would love to ride my Kuberg on the road but its way above moped power so id be tempted to stay with traffic at 50mph which would require a real motorcycle plate/insurance in my state

But there are forum members that have registered Sur-rons as Mopeds without VIN's depending on the state you live in rules are much different. In MA they go by the honor system...which means you can lie if you want on your application, get a sticker and if you get caught by a cop your in trouble now.

also the pegs on that street version seem so much wider than mine! I want them!
an unassembled motorcycle frame won't have a VIN number because its not yet a motor vehicle, just parts.. off-road vehicles may not have VIN numbers since its not needed for off-road use.. non-homolgated surron, etc likely will have manufacturer serial number to track production series etc.. but a serial number is not a VIN number.. many states require VIN number for street legal registration.. without VIN number the vehicle may likely require inspection by state law enforcement to check vehicle compliance with state law during the VIN application process.. so check with local DMV to ensure the vehicle is compliant for your location and use before purchase.. some states are easy, some more difficult, but some states it is not even possible to register without manufacturer VIN number (unless/ until they change the laws)..


Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Apr 22 2019 7:57am
by mxs
Fully assembled Kuberg Freerider sold by Kuberg, has a VIN number. BTW, Kuberg Florida is Kuberg's own distribution centre, not a dealer. So they certainly would be a good source of information.

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Apr 24 2019 1:06pm
by skeetab5780
mxs wrote:
Apr 22 2019 7:57am
Fully assembled Kuberg Freerider sold by Kuberg, has a VIN number. BTW, Kuberg Florida is Kuberg's own distribution centre, not a dealer. So they certainly would be a good source of information.
Pics or it didn't happen! I haven't gotten a chance to search my bike frame for a vin/serial number

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jun 28 2019 7:08am
by Coin3ip
Hi, I'm riding a Kuberg freerider 'Street Edition', for the past few months now...
(I have one from the first batch delivered)It should be available this summer in the US.
Maybe I can help you out answering questions you might have about it.


Also, I'll be making it Solar in the next months/years.. And you can help (via my patreon: /coin3ip)

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jun 28 2019 9:28am
by skeetab5780
How fast does it go? How many amp hours is the battery 15? What power is the controller? Does it have a switch to make it street legal? What is your height and weight? Are you jelous your has mini tires and mine has normal sized? :)

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jun 28 2019 11:40am
by Coin3ip
ahaha :-)
So, I'm gonna use metric system for y answers :)
speed: 45km/h (limited)
battery: 22Ah (1kW 48V) (also, they sell an optional 30Ah battery - 1.5kW)
controller: 4kW (3.5kW exactly)
There's no switch to make it street legal. the controller is a specific one. You can't add their Streamport, sadly.
Also, I'm not sure their other controllers support the secondary electric system (for lights, horns, etc..).
So, it can become tricky to even replace the 4kW controller for the 8 or 12, if you loose lights and other street legal features... (but I'm not sure about that, and been told controller upgrade was possible (but it was months before the release, and didn't ask again then because 4kW is enough for me)
I'm 1.85m and 65kgs. (so I still have around 20kgs to spare for the solar charger until reaching bike's carrying weight limit)
Oh, I prefer the tiny wheels :) they make the design look more balanced (looks like a mini-supermoto <3 )

autonomy-wise, I do 20kms for 1hour charge. or 30kms for 2h charge (from full battery). Then I get to the flashing blue-red led.
I could probably squeeze another 5 kms after that, who knows.. But I'm trying to manage battery's lifespan as best as I can.

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jun 28 2019 11:52am
by skeetab5780
thanks for the detailed answers on the new street version sounds like a nice ride! Even though its very slow I'm at atleast double that speed with only about twice the power. You have no off-road mode to go faster?

22ah is nice for the battery they used to use 15ah I think( how the heck do they fit 30ah in the space low C cells?)

you are 6 feet tall and like the mini tires? Most people over 6ft at a minimum change the front wheel to a 24" MTB

im 6' 3" and I like my bike being super tall, I can just barely tippy toe my bike when on it and I weigh 230lbs, you weigh a lot less though so your suspension is a lot happier than mine in sure

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jun 28 2019 1:44pm
by Coin3ip
I have difficulties walking. I fell sick a few years ago and couldn't stand or walk more than a few meters. I still can't walk very long, or stand, or even sit, for a long time. So I really like that standing up on the ground, my butt is still higher than the seat. The all thing feels .. manageable. the sitting position feels relaxing, and makes me want to cruise slowly (like when riding a crowded bike lane)
I'm using the first mode (smoother - lowest torque) and I don't go very fast off-road (for the moment, I'm just enjoying being able to go out and off-road by myself again). So even though there's no mode to go faster, I'm ok with that. Sometimes I'd like to, but it's on the long straight inter-city roads.

Oh, also, riding on the streets at 45km/h with those maxxis tires absolutely ruins them so quickly.. brakepads too...
3 months and I had to change the rear tire and will change rear brakepads next week or so...

(for the battery, I don't know... I'd like to open one, but I'll wait for when I have a second one :) just in case)

oh, for size comparison between me and the bike

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jul 03 2019 5:59am
by skeetab5780
Looks good! Glad to see your more mobile and able to get out on the e-bike for freedom! That is very important in this life of ours, I couldn't imagine not being able to get around on my own.

nice gear, I ride with a full face moto too it makes me feel more comfortable and I try to remember my gloves since I lost a few knuckles a few year back on a bad spill.

Thanks for the feedback on the stock tires they do look like they would wear fast with road use, but what about the seat? I cannot believe you say nothing about it and ride this thing like a daily commuter?

Re: Kuberg Free Rider

Posted: Jul 08 2019 4:47am
by Coin3ip
I'm ok with the seat. I ride standing up most of the time. I think I remember feeling it a little bit hard at first (compared to the one I tried prior to buying the bike), but I don't notice that anymore. of course, it would be more comfortable if it was a few centimeters wider, or go further front (when breaking and entering a curve). Beside that I think it's fine.

For the helmet, I had a friend who got a scar slashing his all face because of a two-part helmet (removable front chin), and would be dead with an open front helmet. I really don't feel safe at all without a full helmet.

I can't ride without the knee/shin guards too, as I use my knee to control the bike, and they 'bang' on it. Gloves, same.. handles feel weird without the gloves.
Right now it's so hot here that I don't wear upper body protection, as it's not directly in contact with the bike.. (and don't have enough money to buy proper boots yet)

For now, it's tires and brakepads. All my Patreon money goes for that. Next real investment will be for a (non-mobile) direct solar charger for testing the feasibility of the mobile one I'm designing. That will be the real fun :-)

I just realized there was a picture of mine in the previous page of this thread :-)
kuberg florida used some on their social media pages.

Kuberg electric track pitbike

Posted: Jan 27 2020 2:22pm
by efMX Trials Electric Freeride
Kuberg ePit electric track pitbike :



Parameters of ePit
WEIGHT: 85kg
MAXIMUM SPEED: 100km / h
ACCELERATION 0-60km / h: 2 seconds

WARNING: Beware, driving on ePit is highly addictive!

ePit is a unique ¾ electric two-wheeled machine specially developed for driving in Pitland.

Its design allows easy and safe training of driving skills, both for advanced racers and for beginners.."